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IMILAB W12 Smart Watch – 13 Sport Modes | Black


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  • 13 Built-In Sports Modes
  • 1.32-inch LCD screen
  • 360*360 High-Definition Display
  • Customise Watch Faces


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IMILAB Smart Watch W12 is a multi-functional, all-in-one smartwatch with a stylish design, thinner and lighter than ever before; its slogan is: Explore a bigger world!


And have you ever observed the world around you—what is this world, and what does it provide? The world is so big, so vast, and so full of miracles that people can continue to marvel every day. Just like this watch, the 1.32-inch LCD screen and 360*360 high-definition display make your vision clearer and more vivid, and bring you different surprises to explore the bigger world!


IMILAB W12 has a circular dial design with a diameter of 46mm. You can customize the dial according to your own preferences. Just choose your favorite picture and set it as the wallpaper.


When it comes to the frame, if you observe carefully, you will find that the frame of IMILAB Smart Watch W12 works well with any wallpaper. With black wallpaper, you can’t see the frame, and it can save power, so the actual experience is There is not much problem.


The biggest feeling when wearing it is the thinness and no foreign body sensation. When you sleep, you will forget the kind of foreign body sensation that the watch exists


In terms of materials and materials, IMILAB Smart Watch W12 uses a high-definition glass screen on the front, a plastic + metal bottom case on the back, and a comfortable and soft silicone on the strap. The overall texture of the watch is very good whether it looks or feels. Exquisite.


IMILAB Smart Watch W12 can receive information when linked with a mobile phone. This will not disconnect when you are out for running, fitness or swimming. It’s cumbersome, especially now that the screens of mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger, and it’s really inconvenient to carry them when running.


Speaking of sports, IMILAB Smart Watch W12 has 13 built-in sports modes. Compared with the dozens of modes on the market, there are not too many watches, but it basically covers the most commonly used sports types such as running, cycling and yoga. The mobile APP can also synchronize various exercise information such as exercise trajectory, altitude changes, and calories burned.


Real-time monitoring of heart rate and sleep monitoring are definitely indispensable. Real-time changes in heart rate and sleep status can be displayed on the dial of the watch and in the health APP of the mobile phone. There is also a fully sealed structure to ensure that w12 can survive the corrosion of daily hand washing, daily chemical products or sweat, and also ensure that you have a carefree in the swimming pool. Basically, as long as it is not deep-sea diving and steam-filled bathrooms, the waterproof effect should be all there is no problem. In addition, IMILAB Smart Watch W12 will remind you to get up and walk if you sit too long.


In short, IMILAB Smart Watch W12 has exquisite and thin workmanship, high screen quality, and complete functions.


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