Baseus Tungsten Gold 20W Type-C to Lightning Cable


  • Strong and durable
  • Fast charging
  • Voltage control
  • 3 Months Warranty

Rs.3,500 Rs.4,500

or 3 installments of Rs.1,166.67 with

or 3 X Rs. 1,166.67 with Koko Koko

Introducing the Baseus Tungsten Gold 20W Fast Charging Type-C PD to Lightning Cable, a remarkable accessory designed specifically for your iPhone. This high-quality cable not only ensures fast charging but also provides a seamless data transfer experience. With its sleek and durable design, it’s the perfect companion for your Apple devices.

Here are some key specifications of the Baseus Tungsten Gold 20W Fast Charging Type-C PD to Lightning Cable:

  1. Fast Charging Capability: This cable supports 20W fast charging, allowing you to charge your iPhone quickly and efficiently. Say goodbye to long charging times and hello to convenience.
  2. Type-C PD Compatibility: With its Type-C PD connector, this cable can be easily connected to various power sources, such as USB-C adapters and power banks. It provides a stable and reliable charging experience.
  3. Lightning Connector: The Lightning connector is specifically designed for iPhone devices, ensuring a perfect fit and secure connection. You can confidently charge and sync your iPhone without any interruptions.
  4. Durable Build Quality: The Baseus Tungsten Gold cable features a premium construction that is built to last. The cable is made from high-quality materials, including a sturdy exterior and reinforced connectors, offering durability and longevity.
  5. Data Transfer: Apart from charging, this cable also supports fast data transfer between your iPhone and other devices. Whether you’re transferring photos, videos, or documents, you can rely on this cable to provide a stable and speedy connection.

Furthermore, the Baseus Tungsten Gold cable’s sleek design adds a touch of elegance to your charging setup or In addition, its compatibility with various power sources makes it a versatile option for charging on the go.”

To incorporate passive voice, you could rephrase certain sentences. For example, instead of saying “This cable supports 20W fast charging,” you could say “20W fast charging is supported by this cable.” Remember to use passive voice sparingly to maintain readability and clarity.

With the Baseus Tungsten Gold 20W Fast Charging Type-C PD to Lightning Cable, you can experience the perfect combination of speed, durability, and convenience for all your iPhone charging needs. Upgrade your charging game today!

Fast charging

An iPhone and iPad cable that supports Power Delivery fast charging up to 20W and is compatible with PD18W chargers is called the Tungsten Gold Fast Charging Data Cable. The cable enables for both a quick battery charge and an equally quick data transfer at a speed of up to 480 Mbps.

Voltage control

The cable has a cutting-edge chip that can identify the device that is attached to it. A lower voltage will be used so that charging is safe if your phone or tablet does not have a rapid charging system. No matter which Apple product model you own, intelligent device detection enables speedy but secure use of the connection.

Strong and durable

Due to the utilization of premium components and cutting-edge technology, the cable is incredibly resilient. Fast data transmission is ensured by the core’s five copper bands. A nylon fiber that is incredibly strong is wrapped around the cable’s outside to protect it from damage and tangling. The cable’s end is composed of a sturdy zinc alloy, which prevents rust and discoloration while also giving it an incredibly fashionable appearance.

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