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Anker Soundcore Rave Neo 2 Speaker


  • Blast Your Music with 80W
  • Sync Big with PartyCast 2.0:
  • Party for 18 Hours
  • PartyCast Technology:
  • 6 Months Warranty

Rs.57,750 Rs.80,000

or 3 installments of Rs.19,250.00 with

or 3 X Rs. 19,250.00 with Koko Koko

Blast Your Music with 80W: Give your guests unforgettable music with 80W of stereo sound. The portable speaker can even get the bass thumping with BassUp technology.
Sync Big with PartyCast 2.0: Create the ultimate entertainment and connect over 100 speakers with PartyCast 2.0. Your speakers will dazzle your guests with a light show timed to the beat.
Floats on the Water: Bring your music to the pool, literally. The portable speaker floats with IPX7 water-tight casing protecting the electronics, even if someone decides to dunk it.
Party for 18 Hours: From the backyard to the game to the lake—all on a single charge. And if your phone can’t keep up, plug it into the portable speaker’s built-in USB port and charge while you play.
Connect with soundcore App: Here’s the spark to get the party started. Play games, customize with even more EQ and light selections, and switch between Indoor and Outdoor sound modes—instantly!


Anker Soundcore Rave Neo 2 Larger Than Light

LEDs on portable speakers aren’t novel at this point, but Anker at least has fun with it. For instance, the lights around the tweeters make them look like a pair of eyes on a cartoonish robot face. And when you adjust the volume, the LEDs that ring the woofer illuminate to show those levels.

In the app, you can choose between several lighting presets, such as Campfire Vibes, Euphoric Dance, Flow, Neon Night, Party, Romantic Stroll, or Spring Break. Most of these modes offer multiple color scheme options, too. Of course, if all of these lights ever become annoying, you can turn them off via the app.


Anker Soundcore Rave Neo 2 App Experience

Anker’s Soundcore app (available for Android and iOS) is equal parts useful and obnoxious, as it forces you to create an account in order to access all of its features. The main screen shows an image of the speaker with a battery life readout, along with playback and volume controls.

Further down, there are sections that let you customize the LED lights, use the EQ (which offers nine bands between 75Hz and 14KHz), set up the PlayCast feature (for linking additional speakers), and toggle the Bass Up setting (which is on by default).

Swipe left from the main screen to access the Light DJ settings. Doing so launches a landscape view of two turntables; from here, you can manually control the lights and add in sound effects to your heart’s content. Swipe right to bring up various party games that no one has ever needed an app for, like Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare. The speaker’s LEDs seamlessly sync with the spinning wheel on the app, but overall, these sections seem to be the vision of adults who were trying to guess what younger people would find cool.

Otherwise, the app lets you update the speaker’s firmware, toggle prompt tones, and adjust the auto-power-off time. Unfortunately, and as mentioned, the app forces you to log in with an account before you can save certain settings like custom EQ presets. That’s disappointing because the pricier Soundcore Rave Party 2 doesn’t have the same limitation.




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